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Vital wellness, the goal of this natural health and wellness website is to make people aware of natural health alternatives to drugs (prescription and over the counter). To assist in creating a healthy lifestyle using natural alternatives, stress relief and keeping closer to your body’s natural design. Our philosophy is – we only need to provide the body with what it requires and it will perform as it was divinely
designed. We cannot improve upon it’s design.

Vital wellness can be attained using this wellness resource site.

Why aren’t most people healthy?

Why does anyone need prescription drugs? Are people suffering from drug deficiencies? How did mankind get by without them for thousands of years? Do you know the majority of drugs are based on
natural substances? Do you think man can out do God when it comes to providing healing solutions?

Why are there hundreds if not thousands of “conditions” “diseases” and “afflictions”? Why are more and more people suffering from these “dis-eases”. Why are these diseases and conditions not being addressed by modern medicine? It is the result of the complete lack of nutrition in the majority of foods we eat, the toxic
chemicals we are exposed to.

<h2 align=”left”><font size=”3″>How I became interested in natural health and wellness</font></h2>

<p align=”left”>My father died at the age of 37 of a brain aneurysm. I suffered for many years from
excruciating headaches and was looking for answers (I was extremely concerned). I came across
what I believe was a probable nutritional factor for my father’s aneurysm. In the 1930’s, turkeys were dying
prematurely at a rate of 50 percent from aneurysms. Because farming was the major industry, the government
went on an all out mission to solve this problem. They discovered a copper deficiency in the diet of
turkeys. Just one trace mineral requirement in their diet. From that point forward, they added copper
to the turkey feed. SIMPLE SOLUTION – the correlation to human aneurysms was never made! (or released to the
public) Obviously this is far from scientific proof, but this observation should open your eyes to the
relationship of nutrition to health and wellness.</p>

<p align=”left”>At the same time of the turkey study, it was stated as a known fact that America’s farmland soil
was depleted of essential minerals for human health. The farming methods used exhausted the mineral content
of the soil, so farmers began adding N,P,K to the soil. Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. While these
3 nutrients will make plants grow, the human required minerals are still missing! If the soil is depleted,
where do we get the required minerals for health? Supplementation or organically growing your own fruits and
vegetables and grazing crops while adding all the required minerals back into the soil in the amounts required and
bio-actively available to the crops (very difficult and expensive) are the only ways. Do you think the soil
is better today than it was back in 1936? Besides the lack of minerals, living micro-organisms and fulvic
acids – the soil has been polluted from the air, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and dumping!</p>

<p align=”left”>Modern day mega farms are still only adding N, P &amp; K to the soil (and pesticides and
herbicides). The soil now is far worse off than it was back in 1936. Only organic farmers are concerned
with the condition and health of the soil. To naturally treat or restore 1000 acres of topsoil would be a
daunting task to say the least for a mega-farm. A side benefit of the health conscious organic craze is the
family farmer can compete once again, at least in the organic market if they choose.</p>

<h2 align=”left”><font size=”3″>Senate Document No. 264, 1936</font></h2>

<p align=”left”>Senator Duncan Fletcher, Democrat of Florida, asked that this article be put into the
Congressional Record. This senate document entry is based on the work of Dr. Charles Northen and specifically
an article from Cosmopolitan Magazine back in 1936. The following is the beginning of the article about Dr.
Northen written by journalist Rex Beach:</p>

<p align=”center”>Modern Miracle Men<br>
DR. Charles Northen, Who Builds Health from the Ground Up</p>

<p align=”left”>”This quiet, unballyhooed pioneer and genius in the field of nutrition, demonstrates that countless
human ills stem from the fact that impoverished soil of America no longer provides plant foods with the
mineral elements essential to human nourishment and Health! To overcome this alarming condition, he doctors
sick soils and, by seeming miracles, raises truly healthy and health-giving fruits and vegetables.”</p>

<p align=”left”>By Rex Beach</p>

<p align=”left”>Do you know that most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies which
cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance!</p>

<p align=”left”>The alarming fact is that foods – fruits and vegetables and grains – now being raised on millions
of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us – no matter how much of
them we eat! </p>

<p align=”left”>This talk about minerals is novel and quite startling. In fact, a realization of the
importance of minerals in food is so new that the textbooks on nutritional dietetics contain very little about
it. Nevertheless, it is something that concerns all of us, and the further we delve into it the more
startling it becomes.</p>

<p align=”left”><a title=”Modern Miracle Men”
target=”_new”>The full article</a> (print it out once displayed)</p>

<p align=”left”>I don’t know about you, but this seems way ahead of what modern doctors are taught as far as
nutrition. If you can’t cut, radiate or drug the condition, it isn’t taught. Why do heart attack
victims in the emergency room receive intervenous magnesium? Must be pretty important to heart health you
think? Why aren’t we taught these things from our health providers? Must not be good for business,
after all, this is disease management. The money stops if we are cured, especially if the cure is not an
overpriced pharmaceutical drug – where’s the profit? (ok, just a personal opinion rant there – sorry)</p>

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